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Tracking Devices

Cannot prevent loss of vehicle
Tracking Devices do nothing to prevent the theft of your vehicle

“Success” for a tracking company may not be “Success” for you.

It takes a thief less than 8 minutes to strip what they want for from your vehicle.  How long will they have your car before you determine it is missing?

Tracking systems do nothing to prevent the loss of your vehicle. They are there to get it back. But what condition will it be in when it comes back? Once you report your car stolen, police departments send the VIN to the DMV, where it eventually finds its way to companies that track car histories, such as CarFax. Once the vehicle is recovered, it is de-valued, and you will not get the resale value you would have if it was never stolen.

And most tracking systems are easy to defeat. Sometimes it is as simple as breaking off the antenna or covering it with metal, and the GPS system is useless. If the GPS antenna can not see a satellite, the car cannot be tracked.

Radio based systems are nearly as easy to defeat. Simply driving into a concrete parking structure blocks the radio waves. Even shipping cargo containers can block out the signal.

Unfortunately, long after your vehicle is recovered your vehicle title history will show a "Vehicle Theft." Companies that track vehicle history such as CarFax.com will show that your car has been stolen. Consider a buyer's perspective; if you have two identical cars you are considering purchasing, would you pay the same amount for a car that has been stolen? Most people would not.

What you might not know about tracking systems and vehicle recovery:

  • Some vehicle tracking systems are costly, often with a monthly monitoring fee on top of an up front purchase price.
  • One popular system used by the police requires the police to find the time to locate your vehicle. Will your car get top priority?
  • Most recovered vehicles have already been picked over by the thieves. Using simple hand tools it only takes minutes to get the most valuable parts of your car.
  • The resale value of a recovered car can drop dramatically, and the theft will appear on the vehicle history report.
  • Dealing with a car theft is time consuming.

Why invest in a system that would track your stolen car when you can prevent your vehicle from being stolen in the first place?

The Ravelco Anti-Theft Device works when you want it: BEFORE your car disappears.

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