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Alarm Devices

Cannot prevent loss of vehicle
The fact is that no one pays attention to car alarms.

Thieves know that if an alarm goes off, no one will look. Especially if the "nuisance alarm" is silenced in 5 - 10 seconds (the time it takes them to clip the siren wire). For this reason, alarms don't even prevent a thief from breaking the window, or breaking open the door.

According to the non-profit Highway Loss Data Institute, cars with alarms “show no overall reduction in theft losses” compared to cars without alarms.

Car dealers often push alarm systems because they’re cheap and easy to install. These systems make all their connections right under the dash. Every car thief knows this, and can quickly bypass the unprotected wires in a matter of seconds. Thieves also know that most ringing alarms are ignored by neighbors, passersby and even car owners, and that they run little risk of alerting authorities while they're in the process of stealing a vehicle.

To make matters worse, a "code grabber" or "scanner" that can overcome any alarm system manufactured today can be purchased for less than $100 on the internet. Though some alarm systems  claim to have anti-scan or code grabbing technology, these systems can still be defeated as demonstrated on CBS' The Early Show and 48 Hours.

Outlawed in some major cities, including New York City they are totally ineffective in deterring auto theft. Thunderstorms, passing vehicles, slight bumps, and even temperature fluctuations can set them off. Who hasn't heard and ignored an alarm? Some tow truck companies and car washes have and use these scanners when someone's keys are accidentally locked in a car that is equipped with an alarm.

The remote control "keyless entry" capability for locking and unlocking the doors of a vehicle with this type of alarm system is a great option to have, but as far as security is concerned, the remote control alarm system only interrupts the starter wire, and this can easily be bypassed by a thief under the dash in a matter of seconds. Just ask anyone who has or has had an alarm if they would ever get another one . . . THEIR ANSWER WILL BE A DEFINITE NO!

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