Excuses For Not Getting Ravelco

1) I just don't think my car will get stolen

It always amazes me how people know that their vehicle is easy an easy mark for auto thieves but refuse to invest in protection that really works, or worse yet, invests in protection that doesn't really work at all. Auto thieves love people with this kind of attitude - when they get to your vehicle they know it will easily become theirs. What is unfortunate for you is that you won't realize your mistake until after your vehicle is gone and you're paying thousands of dollars to replace it, when you could have paid only a few hundred dollars to protect it and make it impossible for thieves to drive off with. Nobody thinks that thieves will take their auto, but everybody knows someone who has had their vehicle stolen!

2) I think Ravelco costs too much

Other anti-theft devices that don't work nearly as well as Ravelco can easily cost you in the range of $800-$1,500 dollars. The Ravelco is less costly than these other systems while being WAY more effective in preventing auto-theft. Even new push button start vehicles with RFID key systems are subject to fob copying and cloning which is actually making them easy targets for theives. Ravelco clearly outclasses all other anti-theft products in getting VALUE for your money as a product that has proven it WORKS!

3) I want somebody to steal my car

Ok. Good luck with that one. Maybe there should be a web site for people like you as well.

4) I think my alarm system is better

Please read some of our testimonials!! There are many who had high dollar alarm systems and still lost their vehicle to theft! In some cases they got the vehicle back but the alarm system was stolen out of it! Your alarm system is providing you with a FALSE sense of security and is like living in a straw house - when the wolf comes, your alarm system is not going to protect your vehicle. Only Ravelco can keep thieves from driving off with your car!

5) Ravelco is not fancy or high tech enough for me

What you need to realize is the fancier the system, the easier it is to bypass. OnStarTM is a very sophisticated system with satellites, complicated receivers, etc. However all thieves have to do is break off the antenna on the top of the vehicle and OnStarTM is USELESS. DON'T BE FOOLED BY RAVELCO'S SIMPLICITY!! Because of the way Ravelco is installed and works, there is NO easy mechanism for thieves to bypass it. In fact, thieves could spend hours trying to steal your vehicle and not be successful. No other anti-theft device can make that claim! (See the 8 minute test performed by an insurance conglomerate in Mexico)

6) You have to re-wire my vehicle to install Ravelco

While Ravelco does connect into multiple electronic systems on your vehicle (why it works so well!!), the installation is performed by a professional who is backed by 30 years of successful Ravelco installations. We do not rewire your vehicle, only connect into systems in order to disable them when the cap is not in place. Ravelco has been installed in vehicles that have continued to run for 20 years or more without any issues (from the Ravelco at least!). Simply put, the Ravelco product and installers have proven themselves reliable with a very successful and satisfied customer base (4 million and counting!)

7) My auto dealer won't install Ravelco for me on my new car purchase

After you let them have a piece of your mind give us a call, we'll be happy to put the Ravelco on for you and also talk to the dealer so this won't ever happen again!!

8) My auto dealer says Ravelco will void my warranty

Your auto dealer is promoting this myth in order to either sell you a different product or to weasel their way out of low margin warranty work. However you are protected by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty – Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act of 1975 which states that aftermarket equipment which improves performance does not void a vehicle manufacturer’s original warranty.

9) I don't want to have to put the cap on and take off every time I want to use my car

Simply consider the Ravelco cap as an extension of your ignition key. You have to put your key in to start the vehicle. You have to put the cap on to start your vehicle. The design of the Ravelco cap makes it very easy to put on and take off, and with the pull-apart key chain that is provided you can easily keep the two together. A number of years ago when the use of seatbelts became mandatory by law, many people grumbled, "Now I have to put my seat belt on whenever I drive my car, what a pain!!" But people saw the value in using seat belts and now for many it would truly feel strange to drive without wearing a seatbelt. You will also easily get used to using your Ravelco!