Believe IT!


On September 25th 2001 in Mexico City, where an estimated 200 vehicles are stolen each day, the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device was put to the test. CESVI-MEXICO, a company owned by the seven major insurance companies in Mexico, tried to hot wire and steal a Nissan Sentra equipped with the Ravelco device.

CESVI-MEXICO said they would approve the Ravelco if it passed the 8-Minute Test, by preventing professional thieves hired for the occasion from starting the vehicle within an 8-minute timeframe. At that time, no theft device or alarm ever took more than three minutes to bypass. But after cutting wires and trying for 35 minutes to bypass and disable the Ravelco, the company's hired thieves gave up.

As a result, CESVI-MEXICO approved the Ravelco.